Gamepad highly recommended

Left Stick: Move

Right Stick: Shoot

Bumpers: Dash

Triggers: Bomb

Shoot RED to gain speed + score multiplier. Collect YELLOW to charge bomb. Fire bomb to clear screen and maintain multiplier or use bomb as a shield against one hit. Getting hit reduces speed. Dash near RED to trigger slow-motion. Dash to survive.

Highest Score: 31787 by MGFM on 20.12.2018

Upload a YouTube video of your highest score and add it to the comments!

If you really want to use a mouse and keyboard - it won't be as good -

LMB: Fire

RMB: Dash

Space: Bomb


Game & Sound: Michael Manning

Graphics: Tyler Barber // @dirtytea

Development log


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Awesome game, and it sounds amazing too! Are enemy behaviors linked to the music somehow? Here's my highscore so far


cool! That's awesome to watch! Good score you rode the high speeds there for a while.

Thanks for the compliments on the audio, there's nothing fancy going on but I think the choices in design and music make it feel more dynamic than it really is.


Interestingly, i actually had a game planned out very similar to this.

Cool! Would like to see it :)

Great game