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Hello! Could you please list all the libraries required for this game? I am trying to get a MacOS port going via WINE, but it seems that it just crashes! No need to spend ages on this, or even answering, it would just be great to know. If the port works I can send you it if you want!

Hello Flash - I'm not sure what libraries are required, the game was made using Construct 2 which is a HTML based engine - the desktop build was made using NodeWebkit - is this useful?

how do you make the drop shadow in construct 2\

There's some addons that let you do that - or you could on creation of the object, spawn a shadow object on a different layer and pin it to the main object.

Pretty awesome, but I lack the motivation to persevere

heheh yeah it's a hard b*stard

Guys the skulls on the sidebar are there for a reason...

Reply if we're allow to give hints...

By all means hint away :)

You see if you change the skulls and replay the levels that arent locked or still highlighted they increase the difficulty. Warning tho! The levels are hella harder than the normal ones!. Finish the game on normal, you get normal ending. Finish the game on hell mode you get a different ending. There is no neutral. Enjoy!

Nice... simple, retro and addictive!

Hi, it seems the game has problems when running fullscreen on 144hz monitors? CPU usage is a ton, and thrusts speed up much faster then when I played on my old monitor.


hmm, I don't have a 144hz monitor to test with, I'm not sure how Construct handles high refresh rates, I think perhaps the game is coded without delta time frame-rate independence. The game is designed for 60fps essentially. I'll have a look into what I can do to fix this.

Thanks for looking into it! In the meantime, it works with changing refresh rate to 60hz in the video card settings.


That's good to hear you can get it working, let me know however if you want a refund I think the issue is too big for me to fix right now.

I actually got it (and beat it!) during the free giveaway few years back 😅 Strolled back for a replay haha. No worries, the workaround is simple enough!


oh nice! Thanks for playing :D

thank you so much, btw where can i find the OST? link doesnt lead to anything :(


Oh does this link work? I took it down but I should put it back up.

thank you!!

Got this for free during the giveaway. I was worried the controls would be kind of awkward hearing "it just uses the mouse" cause I've had bad experiences with mouse-only games, but the controls were fine actually.

The only other problem I had was that I initially thought the white things were enemies and got really confused when they didn't die and I couldn't make it to the yellow thing I had to shoot (granted, I also started on the fifth level for no real reason, but even in the second level it was a little confusing to be honest cause there was no real indication that wasn't an enemy, but I'm also dumb so it's ok).

Other than that, I like this a lot and whenever I have some money to spare, I think I'll actually buy the game some time. 4/5


Thank you for the kind words. The white things has come up before, I thought to force the player to touch them but it seems it causes some frustration in some players. I might stop them spinning to make them look more friendly :)

It just loads forever and then my Pc does not respond. My Computer should handle this neat game.


hmm strange sorry to hear that, how long have you left it loading?

3min and it did not move at all


UGH how annoying! Can you please tell me your system specs / OS etc? Feel free to mail me at // happy to do a refund too.


This seems like an amazing game! Can I ask what engine you used to make this?


Thanks! I made it in Construct 2 :)


Wow! Thanks!

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The game doesn't run very fast here, any way to speed it up? on Windows. (please I really want to play it :)


Amazing game. Like N+ meets Asteroids.


Thank you :)


oh no i missed the free giveaway by a day

): I feel bad for you, I got the game when the giveaway was happening and it is good!

I love minimalistic arcade games like this. And I loved how this one introduces new gameplay mechanics all of the time. The art style was great and the music fitted well. I would definetly recommend this game. 


Hey this is great thanks for making it!

Heard good reviews for this game, I hope to enjoy it too! Thanks for the sale! ^^

do i get a steam key even though i got it free? 

Afraid not, the Steam key only applies to purchases.

): At least I get it on itch for free. I am kind of sad I did not get a Steam key but I do not want one, it is ok.

Where is steam key?

Hello, did you purchase the game? The Steam key is only issued for games purchased (at any price).

I dont know. where add to steam key??

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Thank you for the giveaway from our community!
Supported you at and

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Hey. I just got Brute, and it's awesome, but it's losing my progress. Sometimes I can close down the game, restart it, and there's no problem, but twice now when I've started it up again after a while, I'm back to square 1 (literally).

hmm sorry to hear that, how are you closing the game? The X in the menu has warnings that it will delete the save if pressed , and pressing it does close the program maybe that's the issue? :s sorry if so,  the menu could be a little clearer... if this isn't the issue please let me know. Escape at the menu will close the game normally.

Yeah, I guess I must have pressed the clear save button by mistake, though that's hard to believe. I swear I shut it down normally (pressing escape) then started it up later and the progress was gone. But I've been fiddling around trying to reproduce it and it's been working fine. False alarm I guess, sorry!

It's a great little game. I'll admit I wasn't too impressed at first, but the levels get better and better, and repeating them to go for a high score is a lot of fun. And of course the sounds are awesome, and the "game feel" stuff is spot on. Blowing away hordes of those boomerang things is so satisfying.

that's really fantastic to hear thank you, very glad you are enjoying it :) glad the issue seems to be fixed pleaser let me know if anything changes.

This game is bare knuckle brutal - hence the name. But addictive at the same time always making you want to try it out just once more. Definitely one of the better games I've played in a while.