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What is Brute?

Brute is a challenging arcade game with a minimalist aesthetic. It's a game about planning, timing and discovery featuring an atmospheric soundtrack and cool sound effects!

Game Features:

  • 50 hand crafted levels + 50 "Secret" levels
  • Lots of things to shoot
  • A weird menu
  • Intuitive controls - all you need is a mouse!
  • Lots of music!

Who Am I?

I'm Michael and I make games and music under the name MGFM. I'm a sound designer and composer who has worked on both big and small games. On Brute I was aided enormously by Tyler Barber who provided graphic design help (logos, colour schemes and some sprites). Tyler also contributed music for the "secret" levels. It's great stuff, you should check out his album: https://tylerbarber.bandcamp.com/releases - It's very good.

Please enjoy the free soundtrack which can be found here, composed by both myself and Tyler: https://mgfm.itch.io/brute-ost :)

The audio in this game is made mostly using analogue synth sounds and I would like to thank Analogue Solutions, Elektron and Korg for providing me with artist rates so that I could afford their incredible devices.

Thank you for reading this and thank you especially if you buy the game, I hope you like it - this is the result of many evenings and weekends hard work. It's a satisfying thing to interact with and it's colourful! I intend to make more games in the future and your support will assuredly help make that happen.



More information

Published Apr 04, 2017
StatusIn development
TagsArcade, Minimalist, Shooter
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast, Textless


Buy Now$6.25 USD or more

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Hey. I just got Brute, and it's awesome, but it's losing my progress. Sometimes I can close down the game, restart it, and there's no problem, but twice now when I've started it up again after a while, I'm back to square 1 (literally).

hmm sorry to hear that, how are you closing the game? The X in the menu has warnings that it will delete the save if pressed , and pressing it does close the program maybe that's the issue? :s sorry if so,  the menu could be a little clearer... if this isn't the issue please let me know. Escape at the menu will close the game normally.

Yeah, I guess I must have pressed the clear save button by mistake, though that's hard to believe. I swear I shut it down normally (pressing escape) then started it up later and the progress was gone. But I've been fiddling around trying to reproduce it and it's been working fine. False alarm I guess, sorry!

It's a great little game. I'll admit I wasn't too impressed at first, but the levels get better and better, and repeating them to go for a high score is a lot of fun. And of course the sounds are awesome, and the "game feel" stuff is spot on. Blowing away hordes of those boomerang things is so satisfying.

that's really fantastic to hear thank you, very glad you are enjoying it :) glad the issue seems to be fixed pleaser let me know if anything changes.

This game is bare knuckle brutal - hence the name. But addictive at the same time always making you want to try it out just once more. Definitely one of the better games I've played in a while.